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Evandale 7212, Tasmania Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning.

Based in the Northern Midlands with his family, Allan at Aqua Fresh Carpet Care takes pride in bringing the best possible service to his customers in Evandale.  He brings friendly, reliable, and trustworthy service to his customers as well as the the most affordable, efficient, and effective carpet and upholstery steam cleaning services possible.

If you’re based in the Evandale area, Allan can make a time to suit you.  He brings with him his top quality truck mounted hot water extraction steam cleaning machine.  Using this method not only leaves your carpet looking clean, it actually removes the dirt, grime, odors, bugs, bacteria and every other unimaginable thing that embeds itself into carpet over time.  Looking forward to removing all that from your home?

Contact him today on 0418 136 580 to get your obligation free quote.

Working in Tasmania’s carpet steam cleaning industry for over 12 years, Allan is always finding more efficient and better ways to deal with the different challenges that come with getting stains out of your carpet!  Call him today!

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Hi Allan thanks for the GREAT job you did on our carpet. I was great to come home and have NO DOG SPOTS on our carpet. A great job at a reasonable price.