Carpet Stain Removal

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Stain Removal Strategy for Your Carpet

At Aqua Fresh Carpet Care, we offer a specialised stain removal service in conjunction with our other professional cleaning services.

Although a lot of the dark, oily marks that appear on carpet over time will come out during regular cleaning, specialised stain removal requires the inspection and advice on the best course of action regarding stains on carpet that standard hot water extraction won’t remove.

Did you know that it is possible to have a clean stain both on carpet and other fabrics? These are the stains that no matter how many times you rinse them, they simply won’t release from the fibre. These stains require specialised attention. Stains such as orange juice, old blood, red cordial, some wines and other food dye based stains can stain a carpet in such a way that standard hot water extraction will not remove them.

Allan at Aqua Fresh Carpet Care is able to asses these stains and give you the best advice on to the most likely outcome. Using the customer’s knowledge, he is able to make the best judgement on both when to treat the stain and how. Some of these stains require treating prior to the cleaning process. Others, require treating after the hot water extraction process has been completed.

It is always helpful to have a reference of these stains. Some are easy to determine, others though, get forgotten over time. Sometimes, the shape of the stain can be an indicator that it was a drink spill or similar.

It is helpful to note also, that not all stains can be removed from carpet. Other variables play a part as well. Factors such as carpet type, age of the carpet, age of the stain and what has been used on the stain prior to assessment all play a vital part in the success of stain removal.

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Allan cleaned our carpets today and we are delighted with the results. He was very professional – exactly on time, polite, friendly and completed the job efficiently and at a good price. We highly recommend Allan to anyone requiring carpet cleaning.


We are very happy with how well our carpet was cleaned by Allan from Aqua Fresh Carpet Care. Some very stubborn stains were removed and our carpet looks amazing now!
We Highly recommend Aqua Fresh Carpet Care.


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