Carpet Steam Cleaning FAQ’s

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Steam Cleaning is Best for your Carpet

There is nothing quite like the feel of clean, fresh carpet. Knowing that your carpet is safe for family and pets is a truly wonderful experience.

Buy why do we steam clean?

Well, firstly, vacuuming alone doesn’t remove the deeply ground in and moistened soils, dirts, oils and sticky residues that can accumulate over time within our carpet.

Also, most major carpet manufacturers recommend that to keep your warranty intact, you should have your carpet STEAM cleaned at least every 12-18 months.

Allan at Aqua Fresh Carpet Care is an experienced technician who started in the carpet cleaning and services industry in Tasmania in 1994. In that time, he has cleaned acres of carpet in both domestic and commercial situations, always with a friendly smile and the expectation of great results. He uses the latest in truck mounted carpet cleaning technology to care for your valuable furnishings.

Using only safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products, Allan is able to give your carpet a deep, thorough clean that will make your home feel fresh and inviting to family and guests.

How about spots and stain removal?

Most dark oily type spots can be removed during Hot Water Extraction or steam cleaning.

For stains such as tea, coffee, orange juice or cordial, we can attempt specialized stain removal techniques. This may remove the stain completely, lighten it or do nothing. Not all stains can be completely removed from some types of carpet. Allan can advise the likelihood and cost of these types of treatments before commencing any work.

How long will it take for the carpet to dry?

Drying times can vary on environment, weather conditions, heating/ventilation and how soiled the carpet was prior to cleaning.

Carpet usually takes around 4-6 hours to dry, however, you may access the areas of your home whilst the carpet is drying. Please ensure that you have clean feet, as carpet is more susceptible to soiling whilst it is damp. Please be careful when moving between damp carpet and hard floor areas so as not to slip, we want everyone to remain safe.

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Client Reviews


“Allan came and cleaned our carpet and “Wow” the results were amazing even though our carpet is old.  Our home feels much healthier and fresher now.  Allan’s communication of expectations, his efficiency, and thoroughness was appreciated! Thank you!”


From the phone call to the end of the job we couldn’t have asked for a better service. He had explained that the stains may come back, once the carpet finished drying. Because of the type of carpet it is. The stains had come back, so I called Allen a week later and he was more than accommodating to come back and rectify the issue with no qualms at all. I would definitely use this service again.


Given I have pets and small children I have needed Aqua Fresh far more than one would hope – while house training a puppy Alan visited almost weekly! I have been delighted with their service, every time I called they were with me within 24 hours. They have been to my home on more than 10 occasions and I would not hesitate to recommend them – super efficient, courteous and, of course, I have been delighted with their work. Thanks Alan and the team for such great service!