Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Why choose us for commercial carpet cleaning?

Aqua Fresh Carpet Care offers professional carpet cleaning for businesses in Launceston, the Northern Midlands and surrounding areas.

At Aqua Fresh Carpet Care we offer prompt, reliable and professional services for all your carpet cleaning needs whether it be an office environment, salon, commercial facility, shopfront, medical practice, school, or community precinct. We have all the necessary insurances & documentation to ensure we are set up to clean in a workplace environment, and are more than happy to comply with your induction and OH&S requirements.

Our carpet cleaning process for commercial environments.

After he arrives at your place of business, Allan will begin the job by consulting you on what areas you want cleaned and any factors that may affect the cleaning process. When it comes to stains and odours, Allan will inquire about the possible cause of the stain or odour and whether any previous attempts at treatment have been made. This approach helps establish realistic expectations for success. It will also determine whether a follow up visit is needed to finish the cleaning or not.

The carpet cleaning process begins with an initial application of an emulsifying detergent, which is pre-sprayed onto the carpet or upholstery. This detergent is used to break down the accumulated soils present within the fibres of the material. In cases of spots and stains, Allan uses specific spot removers for targeted treatment and a distinct odour-removing solution for any odours. This specialised substance works to break down bacterial particles and neutralise them.

The process is only truly finished once you are happy with the results. Should any concerns arise, Allan will make sure to find a solution to address them. Once you are satisfied with the work, Allan will give you all the instructions you need to maintain your carpet for the maximum lifespan.

Following the cleaning, your carpet might remain moist for approximately 4-6 hours. These times can be affected by the humidity, temperature and ventilation of your business environment. While walking on the carpet is possible right away, it is important to take care when moving from carpet to hard floors to prevent any accidents or slips.

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Steam Cleaning Services

We use only the latest drying technology to extract moisture from your carpets as quickly as possible so you can get on with your day. With an affordable and efficient process overall, Allan can renew your carpets lifespan with as little disruption to you and your business as possible.

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Excellent service; fast, friendly and very clean!
I Highly recommend Aqua Fresh Carpet Care Tasmania.


Worked wonders on a difficult stain and a lovely person, thank you


Alan was more than professional. He explained everything in detail and made sure i understood the process. I can’t recommend him and his company enough.


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